As an EasyCare customer service representative I spend much of my day assisting customers with boot sizing. There are many different factors that should be taken into account when fitting boots, especially the accuracy of the measurements. Fit is easily the most important factor in selecting boots and should not be taken lightly, a bad fit can cause a variety of issues such as rubbing, boot loss, and product failure. Accurate hoof measurements are the essential first step in the fitting process.

Believe it or not, getting accurate hoof measurements is not that easy! Ask my own mother, who for the record, agreed to “star” in my blog. I recently moved from Phoenix to Tucson to work at EasyCare but my horse Skippy is still located in Phoenix under the care of my very supportive mother. She took his measurements so that I could select the correct boot.

My mom and Skippy.

So far she has sent me the following measurements:

  • April 16th: 127 mm x 146 mm  and 132 mm x 165 mm
    RED FLAG: a difference of 20-30 mm between length and width is highly unusual.
  • May 2nd: 1013 mm x 1015 mm and 1011.3 mm x 1014 mm
    RED FLAG: 1000 mm = 39.37 inches or more than 3 ft, this is a horse hoof not an elephant foot!
  • May 7th: 130 mm x 130 mm and 115 mm x 120 mm
  • June 13th: 110 mm x 130 mm and 115 mm x 110 mm

What’s wrong with these measurements? There are huge variations between the length and width on the first measurement, she probably included the heel bulbs. The second set of measurements, well those are just WAY too big to be horse feet. The last two sets of measurements she provided might be close. However, since there is no consistency, I am not convinced that any of these measurements are accurate.

The point of my blog is not to poke fun at my mother, she’s actually a very intelligent, educated horsewoman; my point is that getting accurate hoof measurements is not as easy as most people think and no one is perfect.

Helpful Measuring Tips:

  • Follow the EasyCare measurement guide.
    • Measure after a fresh trim.
    • Measure to the heel buttress line, not the heel bulbs.
    • If possible, use a metric ruler since millimeters are more precise than inches.
  • Do NOT trace.
  • Take pictures.
  • Watch for RED FLAGS such as unrealistic measurements and large variances between length and width.
  • Have someone else take measurements and compare them to your measurements.

If you have any questions or need help feel free to call EasyCare’s customer service team at 1.800.447.8836.

Maggie Molever

Maggie Molever, Former EasyCare CSR