We wanted to share this incredible story posted on Top Trail Horse about a couple of Easyboot lovers, Margot and Seger! It’s so inspiring to read about the relationship between Margot and her once-in-a-lifetime horse, Seger. Margot and Seger completed 2,317 miles together in 2020!

Margot says, “Riding is in my blood. Keeping my horse in tip top shape is my mission. He is well maintained with choice hay, grain, supplements, and equipment. He gets plenty of rest between rides. He’s booted for 99% of our rides in EasyCare’s Easyboot Gloves.”

Margot wanted to give a shout out to EasyCare Dealer Todd Driesenga of THD Services in Kent City, Michigan. Margot says he’s a phenomenal corrective trimmer in her area and has done a great job helping her find the right boots for Seger.

Click here to read Margot and Seger’s full story!


  1. Thank you Easycareinc for featuring me and Seger and our love of Easy boots here on your blog.
    Several years ago I found out Todd Driesenga was a corrective trimmer and Easy boot dealer in my area. I was planning a horse trip with my friends to Mackinac Island and needed boots. Rood took care in trimming Seger and measuring him for the boots. At that time we used the Back Country ( I still have them!) and Seger had a great trip wearing them comfortably on the rocky terrain. Seger is currently wearing the Glove soft and we ride often!

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