Congratulations to Selina Galick, Owner of Horseshoe Mart, EasyCare’s Dealer of the Month for March. Horseshoe Mart, located in Santa Rosa, California, and has become one of EasyCare’s most successful retail stores with a banner year in 2013.

Horseshoe Mart’s website, boasts, “We carry the Easyboot line for the horse owner. We also have everything you need to shoe your horse. We are a full-service farrier supplier.” Horseshoe Mart has been serving customers for 25 years.

Horseshoe Mart has been carrying EasyCare products for over twelve years. They carry the Back Country, Trail, Glove, Transition and the Rx. They can also do fittings. While the Glove is their best seller, Selina says that the Back Country is her favorite boot.

She feels that part of Horseshoe Mart’s success is attributed to making the store very convenient for the Hoof Care Practitioners by having a large inventory so that they always have the products they need on hand. Selina also makes a concerted effort to help educate the horse owners. She works individually with people and also co-sponsors clinics with Linda Cowles, a well-known Hoof Care Practitioner. She continues to look forward to the Tevis Cup every year as this is her favorite event.

Selina has been a horse owner, who has been involved in the equine business for years and really strives to promote healthy hooves and the use of hoof boots. Currently, she owns two mules and they are both barefoot.

When asked how she felt the hoof boot industry has changed, she said, “Fifteen years ago, there weren’t many hoof boot choices. Today, there is a hoof boot for every horse, every hoof, every riding discipline and every therapeutic application resulting in more and more healthy hooves.” As to where she sees the barefoot industry going, she states, “The end is not even visible. The barefoot industry continues to grow and I’m hanging on to the “tigers” tail!”

Her favorite hoof boot story? Selina was working with a Hoof Care Practitioner on a Thoroughbred with enormous hooves. She said that you could almost see the smile on this horse’s face, he was so happy. “And, now he has big, strong, beautiful hooves.”

Visit Horseshoe Mart in Santa Rosa or go on her website. Selina possess a vast knowledge of horses, hooves and how to keep your horse’s feet healthy and in good shape. With her cartoon horses and her great sense of humor, you can bet you will leave with a smile!