Amanda Beno Marsh has a master’s degree in wildlife biology and wildlife and range resource management. She has had horses and worked with horses since she was very young. She has lived in California, Arizona and Utah and has spent much of her time surfing and rock climbing as well as riding horses. She loves thrills and adventure.

Amanda is now based in the Prescott, Arizona area, but works throughout the state of Arizona and in southern California. She attributes her success to always wanting more information and to further her education. She has a science background, which helps, but lists her foremost experience as the help she has received from Dr. Tomas Teskey, DVM.

Amanda has been trimming for approximately three years. She first started out as a farrier’s apprentice.  "After following him around for several months I decided that the natural approach to hoof care was more my style. I am a science minded person, and I researched the science. I saw results early on and the more I practiced and the more I learned the more I decided that natural hoof care was my “calling”.

Mountain Top stocks the Easyboot Epic, Glove, Edge, Trail, Old Mac's G2 and Comfort Pads. The Old Mac's G2 is her best seller and she generally pairs pads with the boots. 

Amanda trimming at a clinic in Wickenburg, AZ.

Without boots, Amanda says her job would be much harder and horse owners wouldn’t be able to see and feel their horses succeed as quickly as they do. "I always listen to my clients and pay attention to what they want," says Amanda. "I explain everything I do to horse owners and I keep them in the loop. I call to check in about horses on my rounds because I truly want to know how they are doing. I care a lot and that really shows."

Amanda hosted several free clinics and workshops in order to get her name out into the local community, but she says word of mouth has been the most important way for her business to grow.

She and her husband use EasyCare hoof boots on all of their riding horses. They ride barefoot as much as possible, but when the conditions call for hoof protection, they like to use the Easyboot Trail.

When asked about her most rewarding experience as a hoof care practitioner, Amanda tells the story of removing the shoes from the working ranch horses on the Date Creek Ranch in Wickenburg, Arizona.  "Kimberley Knight and her husband Stephan worked hard during the transition process," says Amanda. "And because they have done everything right, their horses are well on their way to a successful transition."  A major key to their success has been using the Old Mac's G2s and Comfort Pads when they are working cattle in the rocks. The horses are turned out on several hundred acre pastures. "Kimberley is so fond of her horses, she loves them and wants what’s best for them. She seeks knowledge and doesn’t just rely on me for information. Working with her has raised the bar for me. I feel like anything is possible with natural hoof care."

Amanda's favorite event is the annual Equifest in Prescott each year. Last year she was invited to speak and present a demonstration on natural hoof care. Several thousand people attend the free event every year, and Amanda will be presenting at the event again in September, 2012.

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