Easyboot Glove Soft underneath an Easyboot Back Country Upper.

We encourage our customers to make any necessary modifications to their Easyboots or EasyShoes to make them better serve their needs. Our customer, Paula, shared how she added the Easyboot Back Country Upper to her Easyboot Glove Soft. We wanted to share her creative solution to make her Easyboot Glove Softs work for her circumstances.   

Discontinued Easyboot Glove Back Country

When it came time to replace my old Easyboot Glove Back Country boots, I wanted a boot with less maintenance (cleaning hook and loop) and one that would not collect as much debris as the old boots.

I decided to try the Easyboot Glove Softs because the gaiter was taller and the sizing was the same as the Back Country.

Unfortunately, I had trouble with the Gloves staying on. I didn’t have to look for them when they came off because the gaiter was wrapped around the pastern. But, if I wasn’t quick enough to retrieve them, they got stepped on and the gaiter was ripped from the boot shell.

I tried the Power Strap with much the same results.

I am a recreational trail rider in New York. I ride through mud, water, downed limbs, logs, vegetation, stones, and rocks. I compared the Gloves and the Back Country and saw that the Gloves did not cover the entire front of the hoof and were getting caught on these obstacles as we rode.

Since EasyCare sells individual components of the Easyboot Back Country, I purchased the Uppers to attach to my Gloves. I wanted to get a size or two larger for overlap coverage in the back of the boots. However, I was concerned that the holes I already made on the front of the Gloves for the Power Straps would not line up for the uppers. I gambled and went just a half size larger.

The Uppers are not sold with the Snug Strap used on the new Back Country boots. I had some biothane strapping and stainless-steel roller buckles left over from other projects, though. I installed these in the holes provided on the Upper to add the back strap, with the buckles on the outside.

Voila! Customized boots that have stayed put, collect less debris, and have less critical hook and loop to be maintained. They have been in use for two years now.

Thank you for sharing, Paula! Have you made any creative modifications to your Easyboots or EasyShoes? We’d love to hear about them! 


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