Charlie's x-rays beforeCharlie now
EasyCare dealer and natural hoof care provider, Suzanne Warsinsky of Appalachian Hoof care  recently gave us this great feedback on the Easyboot Rx. At the pre-purchase exam in September 2010, radiographs showed Charlie, a nine year old Quarter Horse had a slightly negative palmar angle on both fronts and misaligned phalangeal bones. The attending vet recommended square toe horseshoes bringing breakover back and extending the shoe behind the heels to support the boney column. The owner tried this for three and a half months, until Charlie was gimpy and barely moving.

Suzanne was brought in late December and didn’t get radiographs at that point, just this lateral photo. Suzanne didn’t know just where Charlie’s bone alignment was at that point, but his toes were quite long and his hoof wall in the heel area compromised. Suzanne pulled Charlie’s shoes, applied just a baby roll whCharlie with no shoes.ere he was and booted him in EasyCare’s Rx hoof boots with dental impression material. Charlie was walking more comfortably within 10 minutes. His owner hand-walked him each day for about twenty minutes and he got looser on a daily basis. Within a month, he was voluntarily trotting and cantering, though not often. Suzanne pulled his toes back every one to two weeks as feasible. At a recent vet visit, radiographs of his bones revealed greatly improved alignment. Charlie still needs the Rx boots with the dental impression material at least part of the day as Suzanne is not convinced his soft tissues are completely healed.

Charlie “sighs” when his feet go back in his Rx boots . They are keeping him happy and well aligned; stimulating his healing.

Thank you Suzanne and great work on this horse. The Rx is an excellent hoof boot for providing immediate comfort, enabling a horse to regain proper movement and speed healing.

Debbie Schwiebert


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I manage the hoof care practitioner and veterinarian dealer accounts at EasyCare. An integral part of my job is to stay current in all areas of barefoot hoof care, which enables me to serve this vital group of EasyCare dealers at the next level.