My Belgian mare, Maggie, wears your Boa Boots. Little Man, our Appaloosa, wears the Original Easyboots. Here in Leitchfield, Kentucky, they always are the talk of the town and surrounding area. I put them in parades and we trail ride also. Everyone we meet along the way are amazed by her boots. It is hard for most people to understand horses don’t need shoes except when working and they are scared of the cost. But if you figure over time they will more than pay for the shoes with the cost of replacing conventional horse shoes.

I know Maggie will not go anywhere without her Boas. I’ve tried riding her without them and she won’t budge till you put her shoes on. She even taps her toe to make sure the boot is on before she puts her foot down for you to tighten them when we put her boots on! Little Man is very patient while putting on his Easyboots too. When we are on the trail we are your biggest advertisement! Everyone stops to see Maggie’s hoof boots. In parades, the kids go crazy over the two horse with “tennis” shoes on. You can’t miss Maggie’s size 6 rear and size 7 front or her 18 hh size either. Little Man is always close to Maggie so they notice his too. We love our boots from Easycare!

Name: Cynthia
City: Leitchfield, KY, USA
Equine Discipline: Trail
Favorite Boot: Boa Horse Boot