Madison Wisconsin’s Mounted Police Patrol Unit depend on their equine partners as they work each day to protect their community.  Outfitting their horses with protective horse boots such as the Easyboot Epic allow them to safely do their daily patrols as well as work in big crowds during events.  These officers not only understand the importance of natural horse care but they also see the advantages of utilizing EasyCare hoof boots.

Click here to learn more about Madison Mounted- a volunteered, non profit advocacy and fundraising organization that promotes and supports the City of Madison Police Department Mounted Patrol Unit.  This important program helps raise funds towards the financial needs of a department such as this.

A special thanks to Hoof Care Practitioner and EasyCare dealer Ken Mulry (pictured here) who was sure to let us know about the Madison Mounted Patrol Unit.  Ken began his second career as a hoof care practitioner in 2003 and currently services approximately 125 horses.


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