Beluga, my 23 year old Morgan/Quarter Horse cross mare, foundered two years ago and was diagnosed with cushings. After eight months of care, Beluga was sound again, and ready to be started back to work. We started slowly with hand walking, and progressed to under saddle work. I do not have an indoor arena, so the best place for me to ride was on the road. Beluga was sound walking and trotting on the road, but she developed bruising on her soles. My farrier recommended hoof boots for her. I contacted EasyCare, and got a recommendation that the Old Mac’s G2s would be best for her level of riding activity. I got a pair and she does great in them. We ride almost daily at a walk and trot, on the road and on the trails. She is always ridden in her hoof boots. They don’t chafe her and she has not had a single sign of bruising since I started using them. I find them very easy to put on and Beluga is very good about standing still while I strap them on. She is also my primary lesson horse and so having her be comfortable is very important. Recently, I have started jumping Beluga and she wears her boots for this as well. We love our Old Mac’s G2 boots!

Name: Megan Roberts
City: Rome, NY, USA
Equine Discipline: Pleasure Riding
Favorite Boot: Old Mac’s G2