Life with Romeo has not been easy.  Don’t get me wrong.  There’s nothing wrong with him, only circumstances have gotten in the way, like being told that he didn’t need shoes.  Wrong!  It was July when I bought him and I was ready to ride the trails only his feet were too tender.  It took weeks to get a farrier lined up.

Then he got hurt by a new pasture buddy-no riding for 3 weeks.  My two saddles didn’t fit him, and I couldn’t find a saddle that fit him and was light enough for me to lift over his 15’3 frame.  Hence, a custom saddle that I had to wait 9 months for!

But most of all, I knew it would be better for him if his 00 shoe size feet which carried his 15’3 frame were allowed to be barefoot.  So when the next season’s riding began, I tried it again.  I picked out a pair of boots that looked simple enough (different company) only they seemed pretty chunky for his slender western pleasure legs.  I felt like he was dragging leg irons.  I was unable to return them so then I had an expensive pair of boots that didn’t work and since his feet seemed to be pretty sensitive when he was in the pasture, he was back in his shoes for another year.

shoeless in Olympia

That was when I decided to feed him Hoof Power for a year in hopes that his feet would become harder and less sensitive, and try again to go barefoot the following spring.  Then I spotted an ad about Easyboot Gloves and it seemed that that was what I had been looking for all along in a boot.

Still, if it hadn’t been for Miriam at EasyCare I might have given up again but because of the EasyCare guarantee and her help, I was able to find just the right sizes for both Romeo’s front and back feet.  I can tell he’s much happier with being barefoot and riding in Easyboot Gloves is like riding with no boots at all.

Miriam has given me other pointers as well.  She suggested that I might want to use power straps, and when Romeo ended up in knee deep mud, he came out with the boot!

Miriam has been a tremendous help for me.  Here whole attitude has been how can I help this work FOR THE HORSE?  They truly believe that a happy horse is a barefoot horse and if there’s anything they can do to help you achieve that, they will.

Thank you Miriam and thank you EasyCare because if it hadn’t been for the 30 Day money back guarantee and the 90 day warranty, Romeo would be back in shoes again.


Shari Murray


Customer Service

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