Written by EasyCare Product Specialist Jordan Anderson

I took my half-Arabian, Pistol Annie, to a local trail with some friends a few weeks ago. Fall and winter riding can be chilly in Southern Colorado, but the sunny days usually provide a bit of warmth. We haven’t had much moisture recently, even at higher elevation, so I didn’t think much about needing to deal with muddy trails or snow.

I put on my Easyboot Glove Soft boots because Annie had been trimmed a few days ago, and I want to give her extra protection over some of the rocky terrain we would face. She fits really well into these boots. They’re nice and snug and there’s a good spread in the “V” in the front of the boot. I only booted her front hooves today because she doesn’t typically need hind boots unless the trail is super long or super rocky.

We rode a 9.5-mile loop, partially on dirt roads and partially on single-track dirt trails. Although it had not rained recently, we ended up having to navigate four big mud puddles within our first mile. The horses were not excited about that part of the ride, but they got to clean up later in a creek. Annie’s Gloves stayed securely in place. At one point we had to cross through a boggy meadow where the footing was mostly a sucking mud. Both boots stayed on through that, as well.

Some shady parts of the trail still held about half an inch of old snow. I was happy with the traction the Gloves provided as we went through the snow.

Pistol and I were able to enjoy our ride with confidence. If you can get the Easyboot Glove Soft to fit your horse, it is one of the best boots out there to take on any type of riding conditions.