The following are some beautiful pictures of the scenery around Lexi and Jim Marsh’s area, as well as some pictures of their horses in EasyCare Boa Boots.

From Lexi, she says, "Here are some pictures of a couple different rides we have taken recently using the Boa Boots."

She goes on to say, "We take our horses in some pretty rocky places, confident the hoof boots will keep their heels and pasterns "un-dinged."

Lexi says "The Boa Boots provide darn good traction on smooth rock, too!"

It’s great to see these folks having a great time out on the trails, while their horses enjoy the ride with their protective horse boots from EasyCare.

Dee Hoime

Customer Service

When you call EasyCare, I’m one of the folks that will answer. I’m also one of the cowgirls in the group. (Heck no, I don’t show, I Rodeo!) When it comes to life’s adventures – never pull back on the reins, and remember: the world is best-viewed through the ears of a horse!