EasyCare has the EasyCare Comfort System but you can purchase the Frog Support Pads, Frog Pressure Pads and Sole Pads individually. And we have Dome Pads. And we have the Comfort Pads, but do you need 6mm or 12mm, do you want soft, medium or firm density, is that green, black or red and do you want size small or large, but the Dome Pads also are available in size medium . . . HELP!

When I started working at EasyCare, I got to the Comfort Pads and was totally over-whelmed. How was I ever going to learn all of this? And customers call me every day and never know what pad they need. Well, the process is actually quite simple.

In the case of Comfort Pads, it’s a 3 step process:

First, determine if you need a 6mm or a 12mm pad.  (If you have an Easyboot Glove, we have taken the guess work out of that dilemma. You need a 6mm pad. Any thicker and it will affect the fit of the boot.) Keep in mind that the thinner pad may be used by itself or stacked for modifying boot fit.

Second, determine if you need a soft, medium or firm density. Let me tell you that the soft is soft and if you have a 1200 pound horse, he’s going to crush that pad down to practically nothing. So, you may want to look at either a medium or firm.

Third, determine size. Take a look at your boot size and then take a look at the pad description. It will tell you exactly what size pad that you need. The size of the pad is determined by the size of the boot and, keep in mind, you can always trim a large pad down to size.

The Dome Pad is easy. Look at your boot size and look at the pad description and it tells you exactly what size to order. This pad actually compliments the concavity of the hoof.

The Frog Support Pad gives you the opportunity to apply different pressure to the sole and frog areas.

The Frog Pressure Pad allows you to apply frog pressure and three different comfort levels to the sole independently.

The Sole Pad allows you the ability to apply various comfort levels to the sole area. You can use the sole pad alone for frog pressure relief or in conjuction with the frog support or frog pressure pads.


In summary, the EasyCare Comfort Pads increase comfort so that all horses are encouraged to move correctly. They can also be used to improve the fit of your horse’s boots. And, they are excellent for owners to successfully transition a horse from shod to barefoot.

And, if you are still confused, call me, we’ll go through it together, it took me some time to learn, too!

Dee Hoime


Customer Service

When you call EasyCare, I’m one of the folks that will answer. I’m also one of the cowgirls in the group. (Heck no, I don’t show, I Rodeo!) When it comes to life’s adventures – never pull back on the reins, and remember: the world is best-viewed through the ears of a horse!