Lucy Thompson of London England trusts EasyCare Boots!  She writes…

“Kengis is a 20 year old Russian Don. He has always been prone to an abscess or two! This autumn we had 6 weeks where it rained all day. He got an abscess in 3 of his hooves- one after another over a period of a couple of weeks.

I decided with my farrier to let him go bare foot. I still wanted to ride so I looked around for suitable hoof boots.  My friend recommended I try the Easyboot Epic, and I have not looked back since. They were fantastic for treating the horse hoof problems as they kept the medication in place and meant that I could continue to turn him out in his field.

He is confident riding in his Epics because the tough material that protects this barefoot horses soles if he treads on a stone (this was a worry for me if I was going to let him go barefoot as a bruised sole can lead to more abscess’s).

Thank you so much for inventing these. I would be lost with out them now.”

Posted by Tara Kelly