I just wanted to let you know of the very wonderful ordering experience I recently had when purchasing my first set of boots for my ouchy mare.

I was skeptical for months about what size to get – and/or if protective horse boots would even help her. I called in a few times, asking questions about the different styles of boots and sizing (she is a draftier build) and her feet are more of a round shape than long.

I was not going to get the Easyboot Trails, originally, but Dee explained that the sizing was more forgiving with the Trails and they were really easy to put on and take off, which was a real plus since I had never booted before. I will admit, I was a bit skeptical when ordering, but EasyCare’s policy of being able to return the boots within a 30 day time period if they didn’t work for my horse made me plunge in and order.

They arrived last week and I did not get to see if they were going to fit until this past weekend and they fit perfectly. She has been ouchy for awhile, poor young girl. I put the the Trails on the fronts first and she tried to bite them off. She took a few steps and looked like a baby taking her first steps. I walked her outside to get used to the fronts before putting on the rears, as she would not stop biting them. After the first few steps, she adjusted and I then put the boots on the rears. Again, I walked her outside. This mare never wants to move, let alone run. Well, she got very fiesty on line and squealed. I let her loose and she flew like lightening and she ran for most of the day. I also don’t see any pain in her eyes.

Thank you EasyCare!

From Lynn Eberhardt