Yes, we do boot repairs here at EasyCare. Believe it or not we have had some sent in that look just like the picture above. I know the results of a really long wet winter with a lot of snow and slush when it starts to melt makes for a lot of mud.

muddy glove boot

Right now you may be preparing for spring and looking over your hoof boots to get ready for that first really nice day to ride. You may decide that maybe you could use a new gaiter or some new cables. If you would like to send them to EasyCare for repair, please call us for a Return Authorization Number and make sure to clean the boots and let them dry throughly before packing them up. Our repair guys are great and they don't want to have to charge you a $10.00 cleaning fee.

So remember, don't be mean, make sure they are clean!

Shari Murray

Customer Service

If you call the customer service help desk, you’ll probably get me on the phone! I process repairs, returns, credits and exchanges that come into EasyCare.