Just want to thank you for your advice regarding Kez’s RX boots-we bought size 0 and you advised we should have bought size 00.  We sent for them immediately and put them on as soon as we received them which was July 22nd – WOW – he has had them on 24/7 since and he is absolutely sorted! I take them off twice a day to check his feet (morning and night) and then pop them back on. We are so relieved when we approach the paddock and shout to him – he comes cantering straight up and into the yard whinnying as always instead of hobbling and limping onto the hard standing. We have no rubbing or chaffing and no need for any bandages, etc.


So we can all definitely sleep easier at night knowing that our Kezzie is a very happy little 44 year old Welsh Mountain pony. We have also been able to half his pain killing powders and will cut down more over the next few weeks, which again will be super for him.

Many many thanks – Julie & Family & of course Kez!

Shari Murray


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