Kate SaundersLet me introduce myself. Yes, I spent 6 grueling years getting my PhD in Cognitive Science (comparative and developmental cognition), and then some more years in corporate America as a professor, and then director of a brain injury center. All the while, my real passion has been my horses.

Although I have ridden and worked with horses since I was a young child, it was not until a few years ago that I became intensely involved with horse feet. While I slaved away in corporate America, my horse Marley Man experienced a miracle in my pasture with the help of Marie, my last hope.

Marley was lame from the day I got him, but six years, 5 farriers, and 7 different types of shoes later, Marie arrived and removed Marley’s shoes. Marley was given his very own pair of EasyBoot Epics. Within one week, my horse was walking and trotting well in his new hoof boots; within 3 months, he was barefoot and fancy free!

Now a professional trimmer, I trim for various barns, both competition and pleasure. Recently, my story reached the ears of a thoroughbred racing trainer who is willing to try anything to keep his horses happy, healthy, and fast, even if that means going barefoot!

These are the trials and tribulations of staying on track.

Kate Saunders
Hoof Girl