Julie Campbell, from Action Rider Tack (and who is now also famous for her YouTube video featuring the Easyboot Glove), recently sent me a picture of her horse, Kalena.

Other than thinking, “What a beautiful horse!” when I saw the picture, I also thought, “She looks like she knows she’s beautiful and she’s modeling.”

Kalena – America’s Next Top “Horse” Model.
Julie Campbell's Kalena

“And here is Kalena, sporting her color-coordinated purple headstall, reins and saddle pad. Please note that even Kalena’s Water Bottle Stowaway is purple, bringing the entire ensemble together.

Kalena’s saddle offers E-Z Ride Stirrups that provide comfort for Julie’s knees and back with the new patented top bar that deadens the shock transmitted from the horse and long hours in the saddle.

Kalena completes her outfit by wearing the ever-popular Easyboot Gloves on all fours knowing that she can go anywhere, on any terrain, at any speed with 100% protection and still look absolutely beautiful!

Dee Reiter


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