Submitted by Julie Campbell, Team Easyboot 2012 Member

The neighbor horses are grazing all day in belly high grass.

So I even though I know better, I let my two Arab mares stay out on pasture too this year. This prompted immediate weight gain and a trip to Rogue Valley Equine. It was time for their yearly dental check up and immunizations anyway, but one mare, Angel was pretty foot sore. She was much more comfortable in the EasyBoot Trail boots with soft density comfort pads, so she wore her boots to the vet visit. I thought I would turn lemons into lemonade and show the Trail boots to Dr. Timmons. He vets at rides like Tevis and Biltmore, so he sees plenty of Glue-Ons and Gloves. I thought he would also like to know more about the Trail boot and Comfort pads, since there might be other horses getting foot sore in this lush time of year. They can comfort sore feet and you can use them when you ride too! 

Dr. Timmons DMV is impressed by how easy the Trail boot is applied and how it gives comfort to Angel who is foot sore from too much green grass. She is also over weight by @ 1028 lbs!

Rogue Valley Equine has 3 veterinarians and a dedicated staff. Two of the vets are long time Endurance vets and they have worked many rides both locally and nationally. I feel very grateful to have this resource so nearby. 

Doctors orders: It is back to the dry lot and nibble net for Angel and Kalena.

If you live where it is lush and especially if you have Arabians that can seem to gain weight by just looking at something green, don't make the mistake I did. Watch them closely for weight gain or just pull them off the grass to be safe. Gloves and Glue-Ons are great for distance riding and my favorite boot. But, I also keep some comfort pads and Trail boots on hand for the companion horse, the lightly ridden horse, or for any horse who might be foot sore for any reason. They can wear the Trail boot in the dry lot and turn out to help them walk comfortably.

Julie Campbell