I am an average endurance rider, not top ten, but I love the sport. Last year I decided to let my horse go barefoot. She has been transitioning and being ridden bare since January. I have been studying and reading about barefoot hooves and how to trim them. I decided to buy a Hoofjack and do all of my own trimming. It has been a learning experience and since I am cautious, my horse has never been lame, but perhaps the best looking barefoot hoof is a bit slow in coming. I use the Easyboot Gloves. They fit her very well and I never have any trouble. We live in Oregon, so I ride through some pretty challenging mud. Mud that goes past the fetlock. Mud that sucks in more ways than one. Mud never bothers the Gloves. They always stay on. The only time any Glove has come off was when we powered up a really steep hill. The torque was just too much. Horse stopped, I reapplied the boot. No problem. I like to put firm 6 mm pads in the front Gloves. I find my mare really moves out when I do that for her. The Mueller tape works really well too. I like to experiment. I don’t need it, but I like to know how it works. When I took this picture we were standing in a clear stream. You can hardly tell, but the water is fetlock deep. No rubs, even with lots of stream crossings and wet gaiters. I will never shoe a horse again. With the information I have read going bare certainly seems to be in the best interest of my horses. I like being able to trim all 3 of my horses. No more stumbling right before the next shoeing. I love that. I am grateful for Gloves. They are so easy.

Name: Julie Campbell
City: Rogue River
State: Oregon
Country: USA
Equine Discipline: Endurance
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Glove