Submitted by Sabrina Liska

Boot a club footed-horse? Is that possible?

This is Maleah. A very feisty 12 year-old Arab that belongs to my good friend Shirley. Maleah has a club hoof, but it doesn’t slow her down one bit… ever!

Shirley pulled the steel and took Maleah barefoot about two years ago. A little nervous at the beginning… will the mare be sound without steel? At first, Maleah wore a very sloppy-fitting size 00 Easyboot Epic.

A lot of trail riding, good turnout in pasture at home and diligent trimming every four weeks or so has resulted in “expansion of the hoof resulting from better circulation and a healthier hoof” according to Shirley’s trimmer!

Latest trim on 4/27/2011. Before…




Maleah… attitude is everything!

After trim.





The Easyboot Epic does well on this hoof. I have ridden with Shirley while Maleah wears these boots. We ride in all kinds of terrain and the Epics continue to prove more and more their worth for barefoot tootsies. It can be done!

Keep checking back on Maleah’s Club.

Sabrina Liska