Jeremy Reynolds and Sir Smith finished the 160KM UAE Presidents Cup in Easyboots!  Finishing the event in a amazing 8:50, 36th place!  Wow!

Here is a bit from Heather’s last blog.  “I forgot to mention that there were many curious inquiries on the Easyboot Glue-Ons.  Many other riders had never seen such a thing and it called a lot of attention to Smitty.  Pretty cool, spreading the word on how easy it can be to go barefoot.  Also several veterinarians during the race commented on how amazing Smitty looked and they had to ask a few times if this horse had really shipped over from the USA or if was a local horse.  We assured him he was an American product:)

Read more about Jeremy and Heather Reynolds and the recent trip to the UAE President’s Cup at their blog.  Can’t wait to see more photos and video when they return.

Jeremy and Smitty at the 2009 Git R Done event.  Jeremy and Heather had a great year in Easyboots.  Many wins and many Best Conditions.