Padre in December 2008 at his New Jersey home before is horrible ordeal.Hoof Care Practitioner and EasyCare’s December Dealer of the Month, Jerry Huntsinger of JC Farrier Service has seen his fair share of horse hoof problems.  In addition to his regular clients he also provides the farrier care for the Clark County Executive Horse Council.  They recently contacted him to help a once beautiful stallion Padre who was in desparate need of some TLC.

Padre was found standing in a pasture with little food and absolutely no hoof care.  Once rescued Jerry was contacted to come in and help get Padre on the road to recovery.  Upon arrival he saw the horses hooves had overgrown the shoes and were taken over by hoof abscesses, and separation.  This was not a very comfortable horse!

Right away Jerry pulled up is sleeves and did some major natural hoof trimming.  Once trimmed and treated Padre was outfitted with a pair of Easyboot Edges.  He still has a long way to go but is improving every day.  Click here to read more about Padre and see his progress.

Thank you Jerry and the rest of Padre’s rescue team for a job well done!

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Photo 1 is of Padre in December 2008 looking happy and well at his New Jersey home.  Photo 2 is of Padre on the day of rescue looking very neglected and in need of some TLC.  Photo 3 is after a lot of TLC and natural hoof trimming and a new pair of EasyCare boots!

Posted by Tara Kelly