Who:  Magnum owned by Joe Kunkel a.k.a. Joe the Barefoot Trimmer

Where:  Midland, TX.

When:  May 14, 2012 – March 13, 2013

The story behind the story: Magnum shown below is owned by EasyCare dealer and hoof care practitioner Joe Kunkel. Joe’s good friend Jake was considering purchasing Magnum but as fate would have it, Jake passed on Magnum for another horse. Back at the ranch, Magnum and his pasture buddy were experiencing considerable pecking order issues. During a heated discussion Magnum kicked out and struck a welded wire panel which resulted in a significant injury to his hoof. Joe says none of this would have happened if Magnum had gone home with Jake and therefore, ” It’s all Jakes fault”. Hence Joe has rightfully titled this episode Jake’s Fault for the fault line of damage seen on the hoof wall and it is all, “Jakes Fault” for not buying the horse!

The Story:  Joe Kunkel shares these photos of his horse Magnum which clearly demonstrates with the right care the amazing power of the equine hoof to heal.

Magnum was started on Bute for pain relief and Epsom Salt soaks for the hoof. The horse was kept in an Easyboot Rx in between soaks to help keep things clean as well as provide support. When the hoof had ceased draining Magnum wore an Easyboot Glove for protection. Joe confesses that he did not take photos at the onslaught of the incident because truthfully he didn’t know which way things would go. Joe adds, “I am very thankful to Pete Ramey and EasyCare for helping me to help my horse make a complete recovery”. Joe who is a member of the Midland County Sheriff’s Office Mounted Patrol, happily reports he rode Magnum on security detail at the mall recently and Magnum is working at 100% and pain free. Joe jokingly acknowledges however that he can still be a pain!

Above: 5 weeks (left) and 8.5 weeks (right) post injury.

Above: 18.5 weeks (left) and 24 weeks (right) post injury.

Above: 18.5 weeks (left) and 32 weeks (right) post injury.

Above: 44 weeks post injury.

There is hope for hooves that experience severe trauma. With the proper care, the power of the hoof to heal is amazing!

Do you have a story of hoof recovery? Share your story with us and give the gift of knowledge and hope to a horse owner who may desperately need it.

Debbie Schwiebert


Vet Dealer & Hoof Care Practitioner Accounts

I manage the hoof care practitioner and veterinarian dealer accounts at EasyCare. An integral part of my job is to stay current in all areas of barefoot hoof care, which enables me to serve this vital group of EasyCare dealers at the next level.