Emily Lewis of West Lothian, Scotland loves her Old Mac’s hoof boots so much that she decided to write and tell us about her great experience.

"I’d just like to get in touch with you to say how impressed I have been with the Old Mac’s Original and Old Mac’s G2s that I have been using on my horse over the last year. I have used other hoof boots in the past but they were much harder to put on correctly and came off at times. The final straw was when one of them came off while out hacking, leaving a whopping great rub on my horses heel bulbs which required much nursing back to health! I then went searching for another type of hoof boot and gave these ago after lots of positive feedback.

Well, what a difference! She wears Old Mac’s G2’s on fronts and Old Mac’s Originals on back (due to foot shape). No rubbing, no falling off and much quicker to apply and remove! They really were a great buy and my horse is now very happy out hacking on any surfaces. And as my photo shows, speed is certainly not an issue! Thanks!"


Thank you for sharing your Old Mac’s success with EasyCare Emily. Do you have a positive hoof boot experience you’d like to share with us? Click here to email your story to us. Include a photo and we’ll pop a handy EasyCare magnetic hoof pick in the mail for you too.

Tara Kelly


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