No, not discussing politics. Sorry to disappoint you if you expect a juicy commentary. Not talking about the upcoming summer temperatures. Actually talking about a killer heat. And no, not discussing global warming either.

Rather a heat that will kill bacteria, spores and fungi so EasyShoes and Easyboot Glue-Ons can be safely applied.

Before applying any glue, for example Vettec Adhere, to any hooves, these have to be dry and clean from soil and dust. Otherwise the adhesion will be compromised and the shoes and boots might not stay on. Adhesion is only one of our concerns, of equal importance is that the harmful bacteria. Spores and fungi are not getting any chance of doing harm inside the boot once it is glued on the hoof. To achieve this goal, we have some tools available to thoroughly sanitize the hooves and literally burn off any of the damaging parasites. I would encourage you to revisit some of the Glue on Educational Videos produced by EasyCare. Also helpful might be to revisit my blog from two years ago about gluing Easyboots.

To achieve our goal, we have a few options available.

1. Heat Guns.

With these tools, available at just about any hardware store, we can get the temperatures high enough to kill any harmful bacteria and thoroughly dry the hoof wall and sole. When using them a couple of times a week, they typically last one year. It seems they build in such a short life span in all brands, so that we all have to buy a new one on a yearly basis. A more expensive heat gun will not last longer, just might produce a little more heat.

This model has a variable temperature setting, nice to have especially when temps are cold. It is important to keep the heat gun very close to the horses hoof, otherwise the desired effect of burning off harmful bacteria cannot get achieved. Hold it as close to the hoof as half an inch. You might want to feel, hear and observe a little burning  of hoof material.

Here the hoof rasp shavings are just getting brown and cinched. A good sign that you achieved the right heat to dry and sanitize the hoof wall and sole.

2.Hardware Store Torch

Torches are hotter compared to a heat gun. You do not need a power supply, so they are great in the field. The torch also has a pointed flame, ideal to get into the collateral grooves. Because of the higher heat setting, you only need a few seconds to dry and sanitize the hoof.

This model is fairly inexpensive. Works great if there is no wind. With any wind higher than 10 mph, the flame will extinguish.

3. Bonjour Torch

This torch you can get from kitchen supply stores or Amazon. It is commonly used for flambeaus and Creme Brulees. A little bigger compared to the Bernzomatic above, it produces a slightly higher temp and can withstand higher winds. 15 mph are about the limit on this one.

For both models listed above, you need a refill bottle, easily available at hardware stores. To refill the torches, turn them upside down, push the filler cap into the fill opening and push down.

4. AD Kitchen Firebird Torch

This torch is even hotter. Available also at Amazon. A gas bottle attaches directly to the burner. Easy to use, it can handle even higher winds, up to 20 mph.

The Firebird torch is a nice handy tool, easy to use. A disadvantage is the fact that it needs about a 2 minute warm up period. Otherwise flaring will occur when you tilt the torch more than 15 degrees from the vertical, which you will have to do when using it on the hoof. Just let it stand for two minutes to warm up, then you can angle it whichever way you like.

Don’t burn yourself or your horse, just kill the bacteria. Select the model and type that will fit your needs the best.

From The Bootmeister

Christoph Schork