Submitted by Elaine McPherson, Team Easyboot 2015 Member

Have you ever noticed that the more you ride in certain places, if your horse has no issue with the footing and terrain, that you cease to realize that someone else might not care for it? I’m a Back Country Horseman and avid trail rider and I take quite a bit of pride in our Southern Nevada trails that I help maintain, so when I take someone out and they don’t like the trail we’re on I take it a bit personally.

A few weeks back a friend who had never ridden in Mt Charleston asked me to take her and show her a trail and I gladly complied. She told me the distance and speed she wanted to do and inquired about the footing and terrain. I described them the best I could and let her know that hoof protection was recommended. She said her horse currently has shoes so shouldn’t be a problem, right? Chief as usual would go out with Easyboot Gloves on his fronts and bare behind.

Thirty seven ridge lines to get where I was headed and my friends horse kept getting slower and slower, she said his feet were tender which was slowing him down. My friend didn’t agree with my claim of decent footing, heck this trail has downright great footing compared to some I ride, there’s that different perspective we all have. Needless to say Chief in his boots handled the rocks and granite boulders we came across like a trooper, ready to ride another day.