As a Customer Service Representative here at EasyCare, I talk to people all the time who are new to booting and trying to figure out which boot will work best for their situation.  The Easyboot Glove is one of our best selling boots, and so it will frequently come up when you perform a Google search for "hoof boots".  It is a popular and highly rated hoof boot, but it may not always be the appropriate boot choice for all horses or circumstances.  For instance, the horse who is having a hoof condition that requires some therapy, may not be the ideal candidate for the Glove. The Glove will also not fit well on all hoof shapes.  It really does require a glove-like fit.

Above is an example of a hoof that doesn't fit well in the Glove. The height of the heel forces the gaiter to fit poorly around the pastern and creates a stress area where the gaiter meets the boot shell wall.

The video below is intended to help answer your questions about deciding if the Glove is the right boot for your needs.  It gives step-by-step examples of fitting, as well as tips to enhance your Glove use. 


When it comes to boot choice, I like to think of it like I think of our shoes: while your house slippers give your feet protection and comfort, you wouldn't run 50 miles in them, and they fit far differently.  At the same time, you wouldn't purchase high performance running shoes if you were only planning on walking or lounging around the house.  I look forward to helping you decide which boot is right for your individual needs.