If you are using the Easyboot Epic or the Original Easyboot, then changing your cable may be something that ends up on your to-do list. While often times the cable lasts the life of the boot, there are times that it could fray, stretch, or even break.

Check out this video for a step by step.

There is one part missing in our video, and that is what your cable will look like when it comes, and how you hammer on the copper crimp to make your cable a loop.

This is how your cable replacement will come.

You will want to unravel your cable and hold the two ends together, sliding the copper cylinder over the ends. This next part is where you don’t want to be dainty.  Take your cable ends with the cylinder over them and rest them on a flat surface. Then take a hammer and mash down that copper piece like you mean it.  If your crimp is not tight enough, your ends will come out, likely at an inconvenient time, and we don’t want that. Make sure you’ve got it crimped on tight! After this step you can follow the video instructions. Your boot will be back up and running and you are ready to hit the trail, not to mention how good it feels to DIY.