I did a quick blog on the introduction of several new products last month but didn’t go into much detail on the Easyboot Cloud.  The equine industry has some great therapy boots on the market but we believe the introduction of the Easyboot Cloud brings therapy to a whole new level. Yes there are other therapy/shipping boots on the market so why the Cloud?  Because we believe the Cloud fits better, is less likely to rub, is lighter weight, has a better pad system, is more adaptable and is more affordable.

As we continue to work with the Cloud I’m more and more impressed with the boot and believe it will be a very useful tool for the equine industry.  The form fitting therapy boot gives horses suffering from laminitis and founder relief without adding a clunky, heavy boot.  These horses are already suffering and don’t need an extra ball and chain that compromises movement.  Movement is often the deciding factor and we have placed our focus on making the Cloud lightweight, form fitting and athletic.  Although the Cloud has been designed as a therapy, shipping and comfort boot many of the testing hours have been done on horses in motion.

The back of the boot folds completely out of the way for easy application. The inside of the boot is soft and smooth like lingerie.

Low profile high strength hook and loop straps lock the boot in place and offer adjustability.

The pad system is as important as the boot design.  There are many types of padding and process for manufacturing.  Our goal was to find a material that would conform to the foot, offer comfort, have a price point that allow pads to be replaced with time and be lightweight.  Although the mold cost was 3+ times more expensive than other methods or materials we decided to invest in the molds because the end product was much better. The Cloud comes with an injection molded EVA pad that weighs in at 2 ounces.  The lightweight injection molded pad helps the system (boot and pad) weigh in at less than 18 ounces and very close to most riding boots.

The EVA Cloud pad conforms to the foot, is lightweight and the price point allows users to change as needed.

The Easyboot Cloud base has been revised to accept the EasyCare Therapy Click System.  The series of Therapy Click plates will snap on to the Easyboot Cloud, giving an owner, veterinarian or hoof care professional the versatility of offering the right therapeutic angle or break-over for their recovery process. They simply snap into place and are then secured with four screws. Therapy Click bases can be interchanged throughout the recovery process for the ease of the owner and benefit of the equine as it recovers.  The brilliance of the system is in the simplicity and versatility. Quickly add mechanics to your therapy boot.

The Cloud with a 10 degree Click base.  Add a Click base in less than a minute.  Add or remove while the boot is fitted to a horse.  Grind the base for custom break over. 

The Cloud will be introduced in a large size range.  It will fit feet from 3 1/2 inches wide to 7 1/2 inches wide.

The Easyboot Cloud is in production now and will be available through the EasyCare dealer network and distributors in May of 2015. EasyCare is excited to get the Cloud launched as we believe it will be the best therapy boot on the market.

1.  A therapy boot that is lightweight, formfitting and athletic.

2.  Because the back of the boot folds backward and out of the way it is extremely easy to apply.

3.  The EVA pad is lightweight and affordable.  It’s important for the pad to conform to the foot and keep mechanics.

4.  The mechanics of the Cloud can easily be changed with the addition of the EasyCare Therapy Click System.  Quickly add 5 degrees, 10 degrees or speed break over.

5.  Price point.  The Easyboot Cloud will be introduced at a SRP of less that $100.00.

Your horses are gonna enjoy this one.

Garrett Ford

President & CEO

I have been President and CEO of EasyCare since 1993. My first area of focus for the company is in product development, and my goal is to design the perfect hoof protection for the barefoot horse.