Did you know that EasyCare can ship all over the world?  No matter where you are located from Romania to Venezuela we can ship there!  If you need a replacement hoof boot part that your local dealer may not carry or if there are no dealers located in your area we can help. We ship everywhere!

We ship internationally by Federal Express Economy or Priority for larger items such as EasyCare Glove boots, hoof jacks and HiTies.  We also have International First Class mail available for those light weight items such as laces for your Boa boots, cables for your Easyboot Epic, a pair of Comfort Pads or a replacement gaiter for your Glove boot.

Ordering is easy, just place your order through our on-line store and EasyCare will pack and weigh your order and e-mail you with your shipping options and costs before your credit card is charged.

Please call our customer service at 1-800-447-8836 with any questions regarding shipping, boot sizing, protective horse boots or and natural hoof trimming needs.

Shari Murray


Customer Service

If you call the customer service help desk, you’ll probably get me on the phone! I process repairs, returns, credits and exchanges that come into EasyCare.