My good friend, Ursula Meyer, from Switzerland sent me some beautiful pictures of her rides in Switzerland and Germany on her horses that she rides in EasyCare hoof boots.


“My favorite is the Glove, and for the rear hoovesI use the Edge on him. With these boots he is o.k. , even in very deep mud!

As you can see in the pictures, I had those two different boots on our 7-days trip through the Black Forest in Germany last year, without any problems. Never lost a shoe, no rubbing, no chafing and we rode every day between six to eight hours riding.”

The Black Forest in Germany


Taking the trail into the forest

Do you have a favorite place to ride your booted horses?

Happy Trails.

Nancy Fredrick


EasyCare Office Manager

As the office manager, I make sure the general operations of the organization run smoothly and seamlessly from A to Z. I have been on the EasyCare team since 2001 and have first hand product knowledge as my horses are barefoot and booted.