Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes at EasyCare? When you give us a call, do you expect to be speaking to an automated message, standard customer service, or a Product Specialist?

EasyCare is a small company that values education and innovation for ourselves, as well as our customers. Our team has the opportunity to get hands-on experience with all of our products. We go through the process of application, modification, and sizing in person. Those of us who have horses use the products personally. We’ve experienced many of the same challenges that we get calls and emails about, and we’ve spoken with enough other customers that we’ve accumulated a lot of tips and ideas to help you troubleshoot.

Gluing on the EasyShoe Versa Grip Light with the 11 Finger Tabs and super glue has been a big hit. We’ve gotten great feedback so far, and we believe this application method could make glue-on shoes much more accessible to those who may have hesitated to try it in the past.

A few of us recently experimented with the welding process that is required for this product. Most of these methods have not yet been tested on a horse, but we wanted a chance to investigate some additional options.

We welded three or four tabs on each side of some different shoe styles, and we tried to glue a whole tab piece all the way around one shoe. The full use of all 11 fingers may be excessive in most cases, but is a possible option for a horse that loses shoes easily.

We learned that proper heating levels, on both the shoe side and the tab side, are crucial in order to avoid excessive melting or an inconsistent bond. It doesn’t take as much heat as you would think.

We also saw that constant pressure on the tabs, as well as the right amount of heat, is needed in order to create a smooth bond. This EasyShoe Performance shows some milky bubbles where the weld wasn’t completed.

We also glued the tabs onto the EasyShoe Versa Grip Gold (pictured below, top left) to see what it would look like with the existing metal clips.

If you have been hesitant to try our glue-on options, this application process could be the perfect place to start. It is simple, affordable, and effective. Find full application instructions here.