The Boa Hoof Boot is a popular choice amongst EasyCare customers. This versatile protective horse boot is easy to install and remove. Keeping your protective horse boots clean will help increase their longevity. Here are some helpful tips to add life to accessories such as Boa Laces:

  • Keep them as clean as possible.
  • Wipe away any excess dirt or mud from the Boa Laces after each ride.
  • If the lace hesitates when tightening the Boa Dial add a little water to loose it up.
  • After riding in sand or loose dirt take a small air hose (or even an air-filled keyboard cleaner) and clean them thoroughly.

Of course you always want to make sure the cap is installed properly on your hoof boots. Click here for instructions on making sure you’ve installed your Boa Cap correctly. Remember you can damage the dial closure system if you don’t use your Boa Cap.

Tara Kelly


Customer Service

In addition to my role as a customer service representative, I manage the Hoof Boot Contest, and help compile and edit copy for our publicity and promotional activities. If you’ve ever called EasyCare, there is a good chance we have chatted a time or two.