Looking for a nail-on horseshoe that’s lightweight and flexible? The EasyShoe Versa Grip Gold offers independent nailing plates that provide stability for nails while also allowing the heels to flex naturally.

Like the all shoes in the Versa Grip Lineup, the Gold has built-in frog support to provide caudal support and increase blood flow with each footfall. The Gold is a great option for performance disciplines like barrel racing as it provides flexibility and shock absorption for tight turns and high speeds.

Angelina Skye is an avid barrel racer that competes regularly with her horse, Fancy. She has been using the Versa Grip Gold on Fancy for several seasons. She shares how the Gold’s design helps Fancy excel in the arena.

“I love the Versa Grip Gold for my horse because they provide excellent traction, support, and shock absorption for her.”

“The Versa Grip Gold shoes are designed to enhance performance and protect your horse’s hooves during the high-speed and tight turns involved in barrel racing. Their versatility and durability can contribute to better grip and stability, which are crucial for success in this sport.”

Watch the Versa Grip Gold in action. https://youtube.com/shorts/hXrdgqkAPsY?feature=share

Fancy’s farrier, Daniel Meegan of Natural Barefoot Farrier, shares why the Versa Grip Gold is a crucial tool for his practice.

“The Versa Grip Gold is a flexible bar shoe that allows the heels to move horizontally and vertically individually, allowing the hoof to flex as if it were barefoot. This promotes a strong distal end of the hoof.”

“The Versa Grip Gold has been a great tool for Fancy and her needs to maintain a healthy, functional hoof while standing up to various arena footings.”

Overall, the Versa Grip Gold is a great nail-on option for performance disciplines! For more options, check out our full lineup.


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