EasyCare will be offering Pete’s latest video starting this week.

"It is common for even highly experienced practitioners to feel lost and uncertain when faced with a truly bizarre, unique or hopeless situation- it happens to me, too. So Ivy and I figured the best thing we could do for hoof practitioners is to compile a collection of the cases that have challenged us- you know… the fun stuff! These are the cases that keep us up at night- the cases that always teach us something. In The Trenches is my favorite DVD set so far, and I believe it will be a very valuable tool for any hoof professional. I certainly wish it had been available for me 20 years ago." Pete Ramey

This DVD set is packed with information. Ivy and Pete take you to the first meeting with 11 different "hard cases". Watch as they sort through the problems thrown at them over time. Nothing in this DVD set is easy – none of it is pretty, but almost everyone who watches it will see something they’ve never seen, and hopefully become better prepared to face big challenges.

The Demonstrations

  • Heat fitting Easyboot Glove hoof boots to distorted hooves
  • Heat fitting Easyboot Glove hoof boots for half-sizing and pad use
  • Heat fitting Glue-On hoof boots Glue-On prep, application and removal Trimming distorted hooves
  • Building sole on laminitic horses Effects of dietary management over time
  • Post laminitis- growing in well connected walls Pulling shoes
  • Opening/treating wall infections Equicast hoof cast applications
  • Pad techniques for laminitic horses
  • Pad techniques for "navicular" horses
  • Using a handsaw on foundered toes (3 different cases)
  • Trimming laminitic feet on the ground Trimming a recumbent horse

And so much more!!

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