Meet Georgia! She’s my four year old APHA halter/western pleasure bred mare with the world’s most disproportionate hooves compared to her body size. She has the unimpressive Impressive bred foot and is oh so tender on the gravel – hoof boots required!

After taking her hoof measurements, I consulted the EasyCare website, and realized she wasn’t going to fit properly into the Easyboot Glove so I decided to try Easyboot Epics. She measures on the very high end of size 00 and the low end of size 0. I wasn’t sure which ones to buy. Lucky for me Easyboots are pretty popular in my circle of friends so I borrowed a pair of size 0 from a friend to try, thinking a bit loose is better than a bit tight and I can adjust the 0 to make it work.

The size 0 did work and we used them for about a month with no boot failures but something didn’t sit quite right with me. It still seemed a bit too big no matter how I rearranged the cables to make it tight and Georgia was just kind of moving “funny” in them in a way I can’t quite describe – more animated maybe? I bit the bullet and ordered her some size 00 Epics and patiently waited for them to come in the mail.

Well they finally arrived and they fit just perfect. They’re snug without any kind of crazy cable patterns and she moves great in them; fluid and comfortable with a lot of extension without all the knee action. The lesson I learned is that the measurements are a great place to start but nothing beats trying boots first hand. If you can’t borrow your friends boots, EasyCare has a 45Day Money Back Guarantee which allows you to return boots within 30 days if you are not completely satisfied for any reason.

This critter loves her Epics – now that her fronts are covered I’ve ordered two more for her hinds.

Stacey Maloney