Have you ever had a flat tire?  I have, probably way too often.  I ride bikes, quite often, so it is not uncommon to have a flat every few rides.  What does this have to do with hoof care?  Great question. Have you ever been on a ride and noticed your horse was not moving right?  Horse owners have been using Easyboots since 1970, and thousands use them only as a spare.  These people don’t want to get stranded out on the trail.  For years we have had a saying at EasyCare “Get an Easyboot or get a sense of humor!”.   I think you can figure out what this means.  Although we are entrenched in the natural hoof care movement and would love to see every horse in hoof boots.  We realize there are thousands of shod horses out there, none should be without a spare Easyboot on the trail.