Barbara, an EasyCare customer and a big fan of the Easyboot Cloud, recently sent us this feedback after she tried the Cloud for the first time. We’re so glad the Clouds made such a difference for your horse that you now get to enjoy more time with him! That’s what we like to hear!

My 27-year-old horse has been riddled with reoccurring abscesses for the last two years. He had a bad bout lately, and I literally I thought I would have to put him down. I’ve been using supplements for years. I use hoof hardener daily! My horse always has a clean stall and is turned out in dry pastures, but he was still constantly limping.

After trying nearly everything else, I decided to try the Easyboot Cloud for the first time. As soon as I put those boots on, my horse was immediately more comfortable. Now he is walking normally again, eating great, and acting like his normal self. His feet look better than they ever have, and he’s even been cantering out in the field!

I went from thinking of saying goodbye to believing he now has a good chance to live another comfortable day, or year, or years. I am so grateful for Easyboots and all that they’ve done for my horse.

Thanks again for sharing you story, Barbara!