The man from Remington
One of the funniest commercials on television when I was growing up was Victor Kiam selling Remington Electric Shavers. The opening frame was the owner of the company walking through his living room. As he walked, he shouted “I like it so much that I bought the company!”

Is there anything more important in business than belief?

The image of Mr. Kiam has been going through my head again and again over the last few days. Although I am not buying the company, my passion for Easyboots and for natural hoof care runs very deeply.

So deeply, in fact, that I have accepted the exciting opportunity to join Garrett Ford and the senior management team at EasyCare.

After a fulfilling 22 year career in the domain of non-profit management, I will take up my official position with EasyCare Inc. as Director of Marketing and Administration on March 1, 2010.

Aligning purpose with values
I had the privilege last year of participating in a nine month leadership course at the Shannon Institute in Minneapolis. The program is designed to help participants assess whether their current career path is in alignment with their core values. It was a very empowering experience to pause and reflect on all facets of one’s current life. The metaphors, as you can imagine, were quite powerful.

In my yoga class on Tuesday the teacher talked about the unique ability of the Koi fish to adapt to its surroundings. In a fishbowl the Koi will grow to three inches; in a large tank the Koi will grow to nine inches; in a small pond the Koi will grow to a foot in length. In a lake the Koi will grow to three feet.

The moral of this story is not dissimilar to the moral of my experience at Shannon: this is my opportunity to jump into the lake.

In Japanese symbolism the Koi represents strength of purpose. Because of its determination to overcome obstacles it personifies courage and the ability to attain high goals. Think of the Easyboot metaphors around that one.

Follow your passion. Keep up the bootlegging!

Kevin Myers


  1. Congratulations Kevin. I love the spiritual side of you and your openness about it. What a dream job to help guide a company in its growth and especially when it has to do with horses! Your magnetic personality and your grounded energy with serve you well.

  2. i’m really happy for both of you. We are your most fervent ambassadors in France and rode hundreds of competitive miles in the Gloves which we’ll continue to use with an extra smile now i know you’re involved. om shanti.

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