If you are proud to be an EasyCare dealer, SHOUT IT OUT!   Barefoot trimmer, Mark Rudenborg, of Mark’s Natural Hoof care out in Martinsville, IN. sure is!  Mark, says he has made numerous sales due to his signage and wrote me this little note the other day.

“Deb, just thought I’d drop a short line and picture of our truck and us on the boys. That Easycare sign has generated business for me several times in the short time I’ve had them displayed. In fact the day this picture was taken, two different ladies approached me and I ended up selling 8 gloves. IT WORKS. Thanks for all of your support and keep those boots coming.”   Mark’s Natural Hoof Care –

EasyCare offers free dealer truck magnets, bumper stickers and static window decals to help dealers promote their lineup of EasyCare products.  Also if you are looking for EasyCare logos or pictures of product for your website, brochures or business cards we have a slew of photos and logos to choose from on our website.

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