It won’t come off.

I am still surprised when I read a comment from someone saying their Gloves fit their horse, yet they are still having problems with their boots coming off. I think it is very important to know that if they did fit properly, the boots would not come off, with the possibility of a few exceptions, but certainly not consistently.


I used this combination of Gloves and tape for a year, including two 50’s, and never lost a boot- even with galloping up steep inclines, through water/mud and large, loose rocks!

There are other factors to consider when looking at boot fit aside from the actual measurements of the length and width of the sole. You may have a perfect fit, in theory, but the overall angle or shape of the hoof wall may be preventing that perfect Glove fit.

Check your hoof walls against a straight plane such as a ruler or a rasp. If there is a dish or a bulge, chances are the boot will not seat right and could be at risk for flying off at the most inopportune times. Such as at the bottom of a great big hill that you will most likely have to hike down and up over and over until you find the boot at the top of a tree, or during a mad gallop down the road when it flings off and knocks your riding buddy off her horse. Either way is no good!

Another thing to take into account is heel height, as too high or low of heel will prevent a good fit, as well as be detrimental to overall hoof-health of your beloved equine.  Of course toe length is going to be a huge factor and oftentimes a long toe will come with a low heel and will probably not be very successful in a hoof boot.

The perfect fit with the addition of the Powerstrap.



Of course if everything checks out and you’re still having problems, don’t forget those Powerstraps! If for any othe reason than they compliment your riding attire (seriously- these things come in so many colors it’s tempting to have a different color for each day, week, month or mood-swing!). The Powerstraps are just that extra bit of insurance and can take up the slack- literally- in boots with just a little extra room. For additional staying power, athletic tape is where it’s at. An unstoppable combination is tape AND Powerstraps! Make sure that screwdriver is handy when taking these bad boys off!!

Also don’t forget that the fit of the Glove is sensitive enough that a few week’s growth after a trim can cause your boots to become too small, and vice versa. Doing a bit of rasping in between professional trims can help aliviate this problem. Get your hands dirty! I promise it’s worth it!!


Bad fit- check out the gaps on the outside wall of each hoof.

If you still haven’t taken the plunge to order the very best fitting boot out there, order the fit kit! It’s a very small monetary investment you won’t regret.

Start now! Spring is coming!!

~ Amanda Washington
SW Idaho