Winter riding is in full swing and it’s important to make sure that you have everything needed to keep riding in these colder months especially if you’re riding in a lot of mud and ice.

We’ve been getting a lot of orders for ice studs. Be sure you choose the correct size studs based on the type of hoof boot you have. Regular studs can be used on the Easyboot line in sizes 4 and smaller as well as the Easyboot Glove. Due to sole thickness you will want to use the large studs on all sizes for the Easyboot Grip, Boa and Old Mac styles as well as sizes 5-7 on the Easyboot line.

Here are some tips to help you outfit your EasyCare boots with studs for winter riding.

Step 1: Evenly mark where you want to make the holes. We suggest 2 at the toe and 2 at the heel.

Step 2: Using a 5/16 drill bit, drill holes in the marked area.

Step 3: Push stud through hole inside boot so that the top of the stud is flush with the sole.

Step 4: Turn boot over and put nut on stud coming out of tread of boot.

Step 5: Tighten down so that the grey button sticks above the nut. The head on the inside of the boot should be flush with the sole of the boot.

Please keep in mind that studs can not be used on the Easyboot RX or Glue-On’s.

Be sure to check our videos page for other helpful hoof boot tips or go to your boot of choice and click on the “tips” tab.

Posted by Tara Kelly


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