Submitted by Karen Bumgarner, Team Easyboot 2015 Member

I used to struggle with a leather punch to put the holes in my Easyboot Gloves and then add a power strap. Those tough Gloves are hard to punch holes in and the largest setting on my punch is still just a bit tight. But not anymore! Like Ray Stevens sings, ♫Power tools! Yeah, just plug ’em in the wall and think of all you can do!♫ Or in this case mine is cordless.

I placed a 1/4″ drill bit in my small drill, varooom, done. Wow that was easy. Did the other side and in a matter of a couple minutes the holes were ready. That would take me at least 15 minutes with the leather punch to get the right sized hole and have it clean and no pieces hanging off of it.

After the holes are drilled, place the brass backing screw through the hole, add the power strap, washer, screw and screw it down loosely. Then do other end of the power strap. Adding the second screw is a bit harder as you really need three hands to pinch the boot together, pull the strap over and get that screw into the backing threads. But the cleaner drilled out hole versus the leather punch hole helps as the backing screw is further through the hole, thus it accepts the screw more easily. Note that I really brought the V together with this boot and power strap because this horse has a bit of an odd hoof and it needs to be tight.

Once the second screw is started then screw both sides down snug. And as Red Green says “It’s just that easy.” Power tools save time, effort and frustration. Which means you are now ready to ride and still happy. Ride on!