If you don’t like the idea of getting a Facebook account and you still want to watch the recordings of this week’s EasyCare webinars, we have good news for you.
You can click on each of the video players below and watch them without logging into a Facebook account.
The webinars were fun to do and provided us with a wonderful opportunity to interact in real time with clients from across the country.

We got the following note from Lisa in Utah:

Please pass along my deepest thanks to Garrett, Kevin, Duncan and everyone who is making the webinars possible.

The shoe vs boot debate can get rabid at times! People are so passionate about it, wanting to do the right thing but knowing only ONE thing. You HAVE to play ‘devils advocate’ when making such a shift, leave no stone unturned, ask the right questions. You don’t know what you don’t know.

Shifting paradigms takes leadership, and great tact. You all do a fabulous job at answering questions, from newbies like me to critics everywhere.

"Forge" ahead!

 And we got this note from Gene in Vermont:

I have spent the last three days sitting at our computer between 7-8 EST glued to the Webinars. This live format is such a great idea! As when a question comes up in ones mind they can ask.
The first day was so nice seeing you all apply boots and discuss applications that your finding to work best. Being a visual learner makes all the difference when questions arise. And the fact that things happen, like when Kevin hit the boot on the footed he had taped and it popped off at first. Not a big deal, but for someone home alone trying to do they might freak out and say in wouldn’t go on when they really need to be a little more forceful. Also seeing people writing their excitement over seeing the famous horses was fun. It was all educational and entertaining enough to make me get by the computer on Tuesday night.
The maintenance trim information was really good. Sometimes someone explains something you have heard a number of times and all of a sudden it becomes very clear what a number of others have been trying to say. So I thought this was great. Bring back the heel, then the toes then the quarters. I just seems to be systematic and make sense and I had not seen it or paid attention enough. I felt the overall delivery gave me more confidence working on my own horses.
Last night I abandoned our truck at the garage for the second night to watch the conclusion on the trilogy. Nutrition is such a big part of our performance horses that a lot of us don’t really understand. Duncan gave some great basic guidelines as well as some good resources learning more. A few breaks in-between allowed soaking time of the information. And gave Garrett a opportunity to discuss some new products in the works just to wet everyone’s appetites, with improved products and cutting edge new technology. All in all it was very informative and a great format. 

Webinar # 1: Easyboot Glove Fit & Easyboot Glue-On Application – Part I of II

Webinar #1: Easyboot Glove Fit & Easyboot Glue-On Application – Part II of II

Webinar #2: Hoof Care Maintenance & Trimming for the Amateur

Webinar #3: Nutrition Basics for the Barefoot Horse
We plan to air a second series of webinars in September. Please let us know if there is a specific topic you would like us to address.

Keep up the bootlegging!

Kevin Myers