Just in case you were hoping for your horse to grow some foot at an incredibly alarming rate, I have determined the guaranteed formula.

1) Trim horse with your normal barefoot trim, taking care to balance the foot well and back up the toe as much as necessary.

2) Apply Easyboot Glue-On shells, using extra Goober Glue in the sole of the boot to create a soft, flexible and supportive pad.

3) Wait one day, and then trailer several hunderd miles into neighboring state (this may or may not be necessary).

4) Wait one more day, and ride said horse 100 miles.

5) Repeat step 4, only trailering several hundred miles back to your state.

6) Pretend that you weren’t trying to catch said horse, anyway, when she sneaks off up the hill everytime she sees you pull up for the next week and a half.

7) Two weeks later, finally coax horse down from the hill with a bucket of goodies, and pop the boots off to find the feet have grown at a rate roughly equal to the rate at which bamboo grows in the perfect environment.


Five days after gluing, and boots are still on tight.

It’s true. I left Replika’s boots on for a full two weeks this month and was shocked to find what I found when I pulled them off ten days after the 100 at Bandit Springs. Not only had they grown (and grew a lot!) but all that hard false sole that normally won’t come out easily was conveniently shedding and ready to pop out with a little pressure from my hoof pick. I was able to take advantage of the moist foot and got in a good trim, the first since her feet were so wet this spring. I was able to take care of some laid-over bar, trim her down closer to live sole than I usually get because the false sole was begging to exfoiliate and was able to easily rasp the heels to an appropriate height.

I was glad that I pulled the boots at that time, because I feel like the heels and toe were starting to disort the foot. As I stared in awe at the hooves that didn’t look like my girl’s, and realized just how BAD they were look at eight weeks in shoes. How did I DO that?


Rep’s “long” foot getting loooooonger.. Thank goodness for the rasp!

What little things do you notice now, that you didn’t while your horse was shod? The list goes on and on for me, but for one, I am thankful to be able to correct abnormalities that could become problems after eight weeks in steel shoes.

Thank you, Easyboot!!
~ Amanda Washington
SW Idaho