Submitted by Karen Bumgarner, Team Easyboot 2014 Member

When the new Easyboot Glove colors were introduced there was a bit of hoopla about how the colors wouldn't wear near as well as the plain old black ones. I decided I didn't care, I really wanted some blue boots. I recalled my old red ones from back in the day wore just fine. The color makes it easy to check on the horses hoof as you trot along and should you lose one, they are easier to find too. A nice bonus. 

However after we finished a day at Old Selam a couple weeks ago, I noticed the beginning of fatal wear in the toe on a hind boot.

This got me thinking about how many miles this set of boots has. I had replaced the front pair and was still running on the same old pair in the hinds. These were put into service at City of Rocks 2013 when the superboots were downgraded to training duty, where they racked up a couple hundred more miles. Hmmm how many miles did superboot have? 755 AERC miles when I wrote it and they didn't have a any holes yet.

The new blue set of 0.5 Gloves on the hind hooves had a total of 275 miles. In 2014 I used them at Tough Sucker II 50 miles, three days of Fandango 160 miles, Eagle Extreme 50, two days of Bandit Springs 100 miles, Almosta Silver City 50 miles, three days of City of Rocks (deja vu) 160 miles and Old Selam 50 miles. That all adds up to 885 miles and then we had a hole down on the toe. That's a lot of measured miles.

Look at all the tread on these left after 755 miles! And no holes in the toe yet, they didn't get a hole through the toe until about 900 miles.

So according to my scientific study, says the blue boots wear just as great as the black ones. So buy all the blue and red Easyboot Gloves boots your little heart desires and rest assured that you'll still get your money's worth and look flashy to boot! Pun intended.