Everyone, meet Jac. He was once a show horse extraordinaire. Now, he is more affectionately known as Grandpa Jac to all the yearlings that he babysits in the pasture.

We wanted to share a success story that our customer, Madison, shared with us recently. She has had a great experience using the Easyboot Cloud

We all have that once-in-a-lifetime type of horse. The one that has given so much to us, we simply want to give them the world. Well, for me, that horse is “Jac.”

My story with EasyCare Inc. starts off with my horse, Jac. He has been happily retired for about three years now. He spends his days running and playing in the field, and being a babysitter to the yearlings.

We started noticing that Jac was not moving around as freely as he used to. He spent most of his time in one spot, and he did not look happy at all. Me, being the over-protective owner that I am, took him to the vet. The vet concluded that he was foot-sore, but thankfully there were no signs of foundering. Stall rest, ice for his feet, and a pair of EasyCare Cloud boots were what the vet recommended.

So that’s what I did. I iced his feet twice a day for a week, and had him wearing the Cloud boots 24/7.

After about a week of stall rest, I started to hand-walk Jac. What happened next is something I am forever grateful for. A happy Jac – one that took me power walking across the yard to keep up with him. SO MUCH IMPROVEMENT. After a week in the Cloud boots, Jac was back to his happy, lip-licking self.

My next thought was how I needed to get a pair of these for my show horses. We were headed to a show in Tulsa, OK. The fairgrounds were nice, but it was nothing but concrete everywhere. I was nervous that my show horse might get foot-sore there. I also thought it would be a great area to test out these boots again.




We loaded up and went to the horse show. I kept the EasyCare Cloud Boots on my horse for as long as possible. I walked him to and from the arena in them, in the trailer, and in his stall. I wanted to put this product to the test.


Here is what I learned about the EasyCare Cloud Boot:

🔹 NO HEEL RUBS – I thought I would have to alternate when my horse wore these boots. This was not the case at all.

🔹 No excess heat or sweat. We were in Tulsa, Oklahoma, IN AUGUST. These boots had enough ventilation to them that the horse’s feet were perfectly fine.

🔹 The inserts are easy to take out and clean. I did this a few times to keep them looking new. Very easy to clean and re-insert into the boot.

🔹My horses had little to no swelling occur.

🔹 The velcro lasts – the boot will get dirty from the shavings, but the velcro will stay intact.

Update on Jac:

Jac is back on regular turn out, soon to be turned back out with his yearlings.

I can’t thank EasyCare enough – they brought my power-walking, once-in-a-lifetime horse back to full sassiness.

From one thankful owner,