Did you know that horseback riding has a higher number of injuries per year than motorcycle riding? Most accidents are caused by falls off the horse which can lead to serious or fatal injuries. Although most accidents occur while riding, some also take place while handling, like during your natural hoof trimming, grooming, feeding or booting the horse with Easycare boots (Easyboot Epics, Easyboot Bare, Easyboot Glove, etc) or other protective horse boots. The Hughston Health Alert has some great tips on preventing injuries when horseback riding. Their article, "Horseback Riding Injuries and Safety Tips", has some great information on staying safe while riding. Hard shell helmets should be worn at all times when mounted. A properly matched boot/stirrup combination is very important too.

Our E-Z ride stirrups with the thick, closed-cell foam pad provides comfort for the knees and back and helps prevent overall fatigue. Optional nylon safety cage available for all models. You should wear properly fitted boots and gloves.

The gloves should be of a non-skid type. Check out our Nitrile Tough EasyCare Gloves that fit like a second skin. These gloves are simply wonderful for using during your horse hoof trimming, putting on your horses shoes, or applying your Easycare boots! 

Amateur riders should not attempt jumps or daredevil stunts. There are a lot of interesting facts regarding injuries, so you should check out their articles.

Be sure to check out our website too for all your Natural Hoof Products, like the Hoof Jack or our hoof pads! 

Posted by Chris Freeman